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So, you are interested in joining the Creation of Tao, journeying down the path towards enlightenment? Well met! This is the first bit of information you should read, so you're off to a formidable start. First, read over our Petition and become familiar with its contents, particularly section 6: Recruitment , which shows the minimum requirements. Talk to our members who might answer any questions you might feel are not already answered by the information here and in the petition. Finally, write a note on the Personal Board to Tao. Tell us about your character, about yourself, and about why you'd like to join Tao. What attracted you to us? Why Tao over other potential clans? And so on...

Following your note, you should approach members of Tao of the rank of Follower or above and seek an interview. At least 3 are required. Following the interviews, we will make our decision and give you an entrance task...if all goes well, you will soon join Tao in the journey and seeking of enlightenment.

One more thing - we cannot accept characters who's main or alt(s) are in another clan. We do of course allow our own members to make an alt to also join Tao.